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On probation, living in a group home, and doing her best to turn her life around, Danni Beaumont, high-school junior, is suddenly plunged into a nightmare that seemingly won't end, when a gang rape results in an unwanted pregnancy, and the perpetrators threaten harm to her beloved little sister if she does anything that might expose them.

Seventeen-year-old Danni, subjected to the horror every woman fears the most, faces the most difficult of all choices – to keep or abort a child. But the choice is taken from her by her fears that her tormentors will carry out their threats. Her struggles to continue her education and create a life better than the one she knew before her mother died, suddenly seem in vain. Captain, the boy who was once a friend—and more, remains ever in her thoughts. Did he think of her at all? On a bus to Seattle she meets Norma Ray who provides a safe haven, employment, and the opportunity to continue her schooling. But the horror won’t leave her and she is compelled to return and face her tormentors.

Danni's Choice is the sequel to The Body in the Freezer, also by Janet Muirhead Hill

Janet Muirhead Hill has created a captivating character in Danni and a story that compels the reader to turn from one page to the next without stop. An intriguing read for young and old alike.
- jim Moore. author
I just finished Danni's Choice and loved it. Once I started I couldn't put it down. The parts that were the hardest to read, you handled with such straightforward language and emotion - in Danni's voice. Nicely, nicely done. Tragic story, but a positive ending. Just what we all look for. Thank you for sharing it with me.
- Maggie Lamonde Simone, author
I just finished Danni's Choice. You are such an excellent writer. I love the way the book presents the issues surrounding abortion and the ultimate statement of balance as Danni read her paper before the class. The suspense with the doctor and Brooke and the wife added intrigue (although I thought she was also a victim). The storyline about Captain fit well including the inheritance, and the ending left me with hope for their futures individually and together. An excellent treatment of a important subject which should be a good resource for parents and kids in trouble. — A good resource not only for parents but teachers, foster parents and childcare staff, probation officers, and anyone involved with kids.
- Kedric Cecil, psychologist
Hi Janet,
I finished your book and I love it! You definitely know how to tell a story and catch someone’s interest. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop reading so sat up late finishing it. Your characters are real personalities. I could tell who they were, and I very much like the discussion of abortion and how you handled it. I also enjoyed your choice of names.
- Kathleen Newton, wordsmith

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