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Kendall's Storm

Now available as an e-book

This companion novel to “Kyleah’s Tree” has been released as an e-book and can be downloaded free of charge from now until it comes out in print. All we ask is that you send comments and/or a review to the author or post it on Smashwords.

One reader had this to say about Kendall's Storm:

It was a good thing I started reading this book on a Sunday morning, because once I started I could not stop. This narrative absolutely kept me riveted right to the end. "Kendall’s Storm" was truly a great read, even as it kept me on the edge of my seat and took me places I didn’t always want to go.

This book may be fiction, but it has a sincerity and ring of truth throughout. Through the characters’ eyes and personal experiences, one learns (again) just how badly we, as a society, treat our youngest and weakest members. Through the empathetic storytelling of Janet Muirhead Hill, we also experience a coming of age with the certainty that love, affection and attention can make a profound and positive difference in a child’s life.

This was a wonderful, thought-provoking, and intense book, and I sincerely recommend it.

Review by: Wilson James


 by Janet Muirhead Hill


Hill is the author and publisher of the popular “Miranda and Starlight” series of six books, “Danny’s Dragon,” and “Kyleah’s Tree.” These stories, while they are fiction, are based on events and emotions from real life: “True Fiction.”

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Janet Muirhead Hill Biography

When Janet Muirhead Hill, grew up on a cattle ranch in the Yampa River Valley in the Colorado Rockies, her greatest love was for horses and children. Her childhood dreams were not to become a writer or publisher, but to own a horse ranch and to have lots of kids. Well, this has been fulfilled satisfactorily in retrospect. She owns three horses and has four children and seven grandchildren. Now she writes for children and connects with them in any way she can.  "Kids are much wiser than we are," she says. "They haven’t had as much time to be corrupted with inhibitions and narrow opinions." Her dreams to be a writer came later in life, though the seeds were sown by an older sister who read to her as a child.

Janet began her writing career when her children were small by submitting short stories to magazines and had several published. She didn't get back to writing for publication until many years later, when after a divorce, she had a few more short stories published before turning to novel writing. Her first two novels remain unpublished, waiting for her to find time to revisit them. The third, Miranda and Starlight, began a series of six books, all published within a three year period by her own company, Raven Publishing, which publishes other authors as well. She has published another novel she wrote called, Danny's Dragon. It is about the stages of grief and healing, seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy who lost his father in the war. A newly released book, Kyleah's Tree, is the beginning of a trilogy about twins that were separated at 4 years of age by divorce. This 200 page adventure about Kyleah and her foster-brother Benjamin as they flea a foster home in Kansas and travel, by various modes, all the way to Canada will keep you on the edge of your seat—while teaching lessons of self-discovery and acceptance. Kyleah's Tree is the first of a trilogy. The second, Kendall's Storm, is her brother's story, and the third, Twins United (working title), brings them together with the challenges of reconnecting after years of separation, and solving both old and new dilemmas as the team nature intended them to be.

Her education has included several years at Montana State University in various disciplines, including English writing. She also completed two writing courses, (two years each) from the Children's Institute of Literature. She presently divides her time between publishing, family, and writing, from rural Montana where she lives with her husband.

With her stories for children, Janet hopes to bring her readers joy and adventure as well as a love for reading. She enjoys presenting her books, her experience and knowledge of writing, and encouragement to follow one’s dream to classrooms. (Author visits, seminars, and presentations).


Janet Muirhead Hill

For more information, visit her at her publishing company web site at: www.ravenpublishing.net or e-mail her at: Author@janetmuirheadhill.com.

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